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The Beer Bag

The Beer Bag is a innovative, stylish and practical way to carry and keep your bottled drinks cold.  With nothing else quite like it on the market we believe it will bring an increase in sales and profits to your business at the same time as advertising and promoting your company. 


Available individually packaged and ready for retail sales or in bulk for trade use. Offered in a range of sizes to suit various bottles. The Beer Bag is light weight, durable, easy to clean and re-usable.


The Beer Bag will satisfy a range of different needs both at home and away. Suitable for any occasion or venue - sporting events, festivals, parties and on the beach. Actually, Beer Bags can be used whenever chilled drinks are needed! 


Sales and promotion opportunites can be maximised by making use of our extensive custom printing service. Add a name, logo or message to personalise your Beer Bags. 


What better way to carry a round of drinks, keep the drinks chilled and promote your company all at the same time? 



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