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The Ice Cooler

The Nice Ice Cooler™. This mould enables you to create your own unique ice cooler. Decorative and practical, it is perfect for keeping bottled drinks chilled or as a serving bowl for foods such as - fruit or seafood.  


The ice cooler will last for approximately 6 hours at 70ºF/20ºC keeping your bottle chilled  for the duration.  The melting ice is collected in the  bowl provided which has a stainless steel finish. The mould is 6 inches / 15 cm high.


You can decorate your ice cooler to complement your decor or theme. Simply add decorations such as flowers, fruit, nuts or food colouring.


The Nice Ice Cooler™ is an extreamly unique and new design product, which will look very smart and stylish at your table setting. It makes also a great gift! 


The mould is also re-usable so there is no limit to the amount of Ice Coolers you can make! 



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